Create Your Own Terrarium in Victoria

Small teak glass bowls

TerrariumsDo you feel like your living area could do with some plant love? Indoor gardening with terrariums is a fun activity. It allows you to incorporate decorative plants into any home décor. Creating a glass bowl on teak stand terrarium is easy for beginner gardeners and adds a unique touch to your home.

During the Victorian Era, Nathanial Bagshaw Ward–a renowned physician, was following his passion for the field of botany. While he was conducting his experiment on moths, he discovered that he could cultivate rare ferns inside the bottle. This led him to the development of a glass vessel for growing imported plant samples. The concept of terrarium has been derived from the Wardian Case.

If you wish to include greenery and aesthetic beauty in your existing décor, you can now have a terrarium of your own with us.

What is a Terrarium?

Medium teak glass bowlsA terrarium can be referred to as a unique variant of an indoor gardening container that is either partially or fully enclosed. It allows light and heat to enter the space. It also confines moisture for the plants. Terrariums can also be entirely closed for preventing moisture loss. However, they are also left partially open to ensure some airflow.

These mini glasshouses are easy to maintain. Every creation is unique as well. With Bali Imports Melton, you can now have access to a beautiful collection of terrarium bowls. To top it all, we feature a unique collection of teak-based terrarium bowls to enhance the look of any décor.

How to Make Your Own Terrarium with a Glass Bowl?

To make your own terrarium, you need some basic essentials. These are:

  1. Terrarium plants
  2. Glass container without or with a top
  3. Sea glass, beach stones, or gravel
  4. Activated charcoal
  5. Sterile mix for potting

Start by adding drainage layers to the container. Then you can include moss and potting mix. Choose and prepare the right plants for your beautiful terrarium. Upon planting the terrarium plants of your choice, you can decorate your creative piece as you like it.

Good Terrarium Plants for Australian Climate

You should choose the terrarium plant that should be small enough to fit your container conveniently. You should prefer that the plants do not touch the sides of the container. There are several options for terrarium plants –including the potted versions. Some of these are:

  1. Pothos
  2. Croton
  3. Club Moss
  4. Lucky Bamboo
  5. Small Ferns
  6. Creeping Fig
  7. Prayer Plan
  8. Dracena

Where to Get Terrarium Bowls in Melbourne, Victoria?

If you wish to design your creative terrarium for your beautiful Australian home décor, you can get attractive glass bowls or teak terrariums from our Melbourne store. At Bali Imports Melton, there is something for every budget. There are small teak glass bowls, medium teak glass bowls, and large teak glass bowls. Depending on your requirements for designing the perfect terrarium, you can choose the desired size or specification from the wide range of options available at Bali Imports Melton.

In addition to attractive terrarium bowls in Melbourne, Victoria, you can also get access to floral arranging items and other homewares for your home décor.

BONUS TERRARIUM IDEAS: Fun themes for your terrarium

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