Best Buddha Statues for Home and Garden

best buddha statuesPeople look for a vibrant, simple, or plush vibe for their homes, depending on their preference. However, to have a peaceful home environment where you can receive a good night’s slumber is the desire of all.

Peace is the ultimate state of mind directly linked to the energy of the space we live. Buddha statues are among the leading icons that help bring peace and harmony to any space. For many Australians, Buddha statues also represent good fortune, luck, and health!

Let the Bali Imports team find the best Buddha statues for your Australian garden and teach you more about this symbolic decor. Read on to find out the secrets of the best buddha statues in Australia for your home.

What is the Meaning Behind the Buddha Statue?

The image of Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, has inspired sculpture and art all around the world for centuries. With time, Buddha has transcended the respective role as a religious icon while becoming symbolic with ultimate inner peace.

The image of Buddha in the modern era is versatile and secure in terms of aesthetics and overall appeal. There is immense significance in different poses of Buddha garden statues or Buddha statues in general.

Buddha is the pristine symbol of balance, inner peace, and enlightenment. As you place a large Buddha statue in your home or outdoors, you can stimulate the high powers or energies of the corner. Large buddha garden statues can also complement water elements for improved aesthetics. For your outdoor or garden space, you can place the outdoor Buddha statue beneath a flowering tree or as a part of a small pool or a fountain.

Why Do People Use Buddha Statues in Their Australian Gardens?

For most Australian homeowners, Buddha statues are only for decorative purposes. However, for many others, it is a masterpiece depicting spiritual and religious importance. Many people associate decorative Buddha statues with improving the energies of their homes and outdoor spaces.

For garden areas, outdoor buddha statues help in creating a peaceful and meditative corner. The statues reflect many different physical appearances of the Buddha. In addition to this, the statues are also symbolic of the famous Buddha teachings of enlightenment, contentment, inner peace, and protection. As you place Buddha statues around your garden area, it brings home a sense of prosperity, positive energies, peace, and good health.

Types of Buddha Statues

There are various types of Buddha statues for homes that you can find in the market. Most of them differ based on the position of the Buddha and other forms and structures. Different types might depict different meanings as well. Some of the common types that you can come across are

Happy Buddha

Usually available as a smiling and sitting Buddha with a bald head and a rounded belly. Some believe that rubbing the belly brings good luck.

Meditation Buddha

The Buddha sits in the lotus position with both hands in his lap, eyes closed, and face up.

Protection Buddha

The Buddha is either sitting or standing with the raised right hand.

Other common forms are the Nirvana (or reclining) Buddha and the Earth-touching Buddha.

Where to Get the Best Buddha Statues in Australia?

When you are searching for the best Buddha statues in Australia, Bali Imports is your one-stop destination. Here, you can come across a wide range of attractive Buddha statues in different positions and forms. Based on your tastes & preferences, you can choose the best buddha statue for your home.

Feel free to browse our online gallery or visit our Melton store to view our extensive and exquisite range of Buddha statues for your home and garden.

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